Recently, my family and I were out of town visiting friends when my baby started having trouble breathing. She was wheezing heavily and only taking shallow breaths. I could tell it was an asthma attack. She’s had them before, but this one was bad.

In a panic, I rushed her to the closest ER. When we got there, the nurse taking her vital signs started angrily telling me that “you people shouldn’t smoke around your babies” and complaining about how often she’s seen people like me who refuse to give up our nasty habits for the health of our babies.

Her comments made me so upset, even though I don’t even smoke. In fact, no one in my family smokes. But she wouldn’t know that because she didn’t ask. I wish I had said something to her, but I was so crushed by her snap judgments about me and so worried about my baby that I couldn’t even think straight.